Manufacturing Process

은은한 향기와 감칠맛 그리고 깨끗함


Manufacturing Process


How to make Malted wheat
1. Pulverize whole wheat, wash it clean, and put it in a malted wheat mold.
2. Tread evenly.
3. Remove malted wheat from the mold.
4. Form malted wheat into the proper shape.
5. Ferment malted wheat for the proper period.
6. Pound malted wheat and let it dry, exposing it to the dew for a night.


How to make Hard-steamed rice
1. Paste kneading dough between the kettle and the rice steamer to prevent leaks.
2. Steam rice over a fire.
3. Spread the hard-steamed rice and let it cool in the shade.


How to make Brewing
1. Prepare the steamed rice and malted wheat.
2. Mix malted wheat flour and hard-steamed rice.
3. Add water and mix evenly.
4. Put the mixed ingredients into a pot and allow it to ferment for the proper length of time.
5. Taste the unrefined liquor.


How to make Filtering Soju
1. Pour fermented unrefined liquor into a kettle. Place soju retort and cooler on the kettle.
2. Paste kneading dough between the kettle and the retort to prevent leaks.
3. Build a fire under the kettle.
4. Allow distilled soju to run down the clasp tube from the soju retort.
5. Taste the newly-distilled soju with the tip of the tongue.