은은한 향기와 감칠맛 그리고 깨끗함



The Andong-Soju & Traditional Food Museum

The Andong-Soju museum was founded to publicize the history and cultural importance
of the Andong-Soju on the 20th of November in 2000.

  • Nov. 20. 2000
    Andongsoju-Museum registration
    (Ministry of Culture & Tourism No. 161, Specialty Museum 1class)
  • Sep. 18. 2000
    The best Traditional food Produser No. 20 designation
    (Andongsoju skill-holder Cho Ok Hwa)
  • December, 1995
    Completion of Minsokju Andong Soju Inheritance Museum
  • Sep. 20, 1995
    General planning for exhibition of Minsokju Andong Soju Inheritance Museum.
  • May 13, 1987
    Designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Kyongbuk Province
    (Andong Soju skill-holder Cho Ok Hwa)

Andong Soju is a liquor unique to this area, and has long been enjoyed by the people of Andong. It became especially well known in the modern age in places such as Japan, Manchuria, and other ports. In recognition of its historical and cultural significance, Andong Soju was designated as an Intangible Cultural Asset in Kyongsang Province on May 13, 1987. The people of Andong have striven to preserve and hand down this ancient tradition.

The Andong Soju Folk Liquor (Minsokju Andong Soju) Inheritance Museum serves as both a museum and a guest pavilion and showroom. The pavilion is open to the public and is used for cultural education. The Inheritance Museum was established to educate the public about Andong Soju's history and to teach distilling methods. It is the first museum to be constructed representing one of the 23 registered Korean folk liquors. The Inheritance Museum makes a valuable contribution towards preserving traditions and developing folk culture. Its purpose is to increase tourism and share the pride we feel in our native customs and traditions

Current Facility
Museum Facility
Minsokju Andong Soju Inheritance Museum 117.9㎡ (35. 6 pyong)
Traditional Food Exhibition Hall 189㎡ (57.2 pyong)
Tasting Room 72㎡ (21.8 pyong)
Total 378.9㎡ (114.6 pyong)